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Surgical Clinics

During a visit to one of our clinics you may be required to pay for supplies and equipment not covered by OHIP. Please bring a valid credit card, interact card or cash with you to provide payment upon registration or prior to treatment.

Fracture Clinic

The clinic provides post-operative follow-up for orthopedic patients and is supported by an orthopedic technologist, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. View the Fracture Clinic web page for more information

Minor Surgical Unit (MSU)

The MSU includes gynecology, opthamology, minor plastic procedures. The MSU performs about 2,800 procedure a year including colposcopies, excision lesions, moles, laser glaucoma, treatment of hand contractures, trigger fingers.

Surgical Endoscopy Suite (SES)

The SES has two cystoscopy rooms and offers minor surgical procedures requiring sedation, including bronchoscopies and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) insertion of feeding tubes. The SES performs approximately 3800 gastroscopies and colonoscopies per year.

Plastics Clinic

The plastics clinic runs two and a half days per week and sees approximately 8500 patients per year. Patients are referred to the plastics clinic from the emergency department and from family physicians for care related to limbs,wounds, fractures, and facial traumas. The clinic provides wound care services supported by our wound care advanced practice registered nurse.

Post-Surgical Wellness Clinic

Located in Clinic 3, the post-surgical wellness clinic provides patients with quick access to MSH’s team of care providers that specialize in assessing progress of recovery from a recent surgery. The clinic is open to MSH patients who recently had surgery (within 30 days) at the hospital. In the clinic patients will have access to a nurse practitioner and surgeon, who will collaborate on their care, making recommendations around the best course of treatment for each patient. The clinic is open, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1 to 4 pm.

Download post-surgical wellness clinic brochure for more information .