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BRIDGE Day Treatment Program

The people who first used our Day Treatment Program named it B.R.I.D.G.E.:  Building, Restoring, Initiating, Developing, Growing and Empowering. These were the words they felt best described the new skills they learned through participation in the program to help ready them for life in their community.
At the heart of the Bridge Day Treatment Program is a "wellness model" to help our patients learn and understand about their illness. We focus on learning and practising coping skills as a route to recovery, and we offer a wide variety of group inpatient programs for anyone who may require ongoing support.
Each participant works with a care coordinator, usually a registered nurse, who will help identify learning goals as well as provide ongoing supportive counseling as part of a patient's treatment program.
The BRIDGE program is open to patients who are referred by one of our hospital psychiatrists.